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Use Nibble to pay outstanding medical bills

There are 100 million Americans with unpaid medical bills. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance (50% to be exact) that you, too, have bills you’ve received from a healthcare provider that you haven’t paid.

Some people don’t pay because they can’t afford to (more than 60% of bankruptcies in the US are caused by medical expenses). Others don’t pay because, while they can afford to, they have more pressing needs for their cash. Some don’t pay because they forget and late notices begin piling up.

Medical providers will often start assessing interest on unpaid bills and eventually send you to collections. Once a bill is in collections, you can be hounded by debt collectors for months until the debt eventually hits your credit report and begins impacting your ability to get a mortgage, open a credit card, or interact with the financial system.

This shouldn’t be the case! And it doesn’t need to be. It’s why we created the Nibble Card, a free line of credit to pay for medical expenses. Instead of parting with large sums of money in one go, we help you "nibble" away at the cost over time. The best part? There are no fees, no interest, and it doesn’t only apply to new expenses - you can also pay off outstanding medical expenses without accruing additional interest charges.

The Nibble Card runs on the Visa network, so it can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Use your Nibble Card the same way you’d use any credit card to clear your account at your medical provider and then select your free repayment schedule with us.

Have outstanding medical bills you need to pay? Download the Nibble Health app now to receive your card and begin living a healthier life, both physically and financially.

Consider Mary’s dental bill before she began using Nibble Health

  • Dental bill: $1,000
  • Annual interest rate assessed by her dentist’s office (compounds monthly): 8%
  • Likely time to pay off: 1 year
  • Total interest Mary would have paid over a year: ~$173

By simply paying her outstanding bill with Nibble Health, Mary saved $173, or ~17% of her original bill, and was able to pay it down interest-free, fee-free to Nibble Health over the same period!

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