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We provide completely free healthcare financing. Here’s how we do it.

When people hear about how we allow employees to pay medical bills over time with no interest and no fees, they often think there’s a catch.

“0% interest? How can that be?!”

“No fees? There have to be some fees. How do they make money?”

Nibble Health is, in fact, completely free for employees. Here’s how our business model works:

  • Employers pay us a fee to provide Nibble Health to their employees.
  • This fee isn’t based on pure kindness and goodwill. Employers have a strong financial interest in keeping their employees healthy and happy.
  • The healthier and happier an employee base, the less a company’s health costs go up year-over-year, the more productive employees are at work, and the more likely employees are to stick around.
  • I.e., Employers provide Nibble Health because it can save them a lot of money.
  • We use the fee from employers to cover the costs of providing employees with financing.
  • Because our costs are covered by the employer fee, we do not charge employees anything (no interest, no fees) to use the Nibble Card.
  • We also make another revenue stream from our banking partners for processing transactions on their network (called “interchange fees”).

TLDR: Someone is paying us, it just isn’t you!

That’s how we can offer the Nibble Health card to employees with 0% interest and no fees. It’s a simple, straightforward model that allows us to provide a valuable benefit to both employers and employees, all while building a sustainable business that can help people at-scale.

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