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We’re Live in Private Beta!

We’re excited to announce that Nibble Health is live in private beta 🙌!

We’re now allowing a small group of employees to use the Nibble Health iOS and Android apps in advance of our broader launch!

Building a healthcare payments business is really hard. Building a healthcare payments business that people actually enjoy using is even harder. Building it in a short period of time only compounds those challenges.

Our first hires, Paul and Shahram, began developing Nibble Health’s codebase in April. Six months later, and through the efforts of our extraordinary early team (Anna, Nelson, Ty, & Yeojin), we’ve built a product that’s unlike any other in healthcare and fintech. It’s powerful, beautifully designed, intuitive, and welcoming. Underneath, a scalable backend allows payments to flow seamlessly and securely. It costs nothing for the end user. It’s a product we’d use ourselves having experienced the inhumanity of the US healthcare system, and a product we wish had existed years ago as we began to bear the burden of our own care.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be working closely with employees as they begin to pay for medical expenses via their Nibble Card. We’ll learn and incorporate feedback. At the end of the private beta period, we’ll partner with an inaugural cohort of employers who have expressed a desire to stand at the vanguard of employee health and wellness.

We started Nibble Health because we wanted to build cool products and do some real good at the same time. We wanted to create something important in an industry that touches 100 million Americans every year in a deeply personal way. This is the first milestone on that journey, and the first of many releases from Nibble Health that will use financial services to impact health outcomes. We can’t wait to see where we go from here.

Steven & Phil


Interested in Nibble Health? Get in touch at hello@nibblehealth.com

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