2023 Best Employee Benefit

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Lower Corporate Healthcare Costs

Lower Corporate Healthcare Costs

Help employees shift to more cost-effective health plans now that they have a deductible safety net
Increase Employee Retention

Increase Employee Retention

Provide your workforce with an employer-sponsored program that demonstrates your commitment to their wellbeing
Minimal Employer Overhead

Add Real Employee Value with Minimal Employer Overhead

Employers take no credit risk, are not a lender, and can enroll their workforce in minutes

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Employers love Nibble Health

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Nibble can be used by everyone on our diverse team

We've built a diverse team, so finding benefits that apply to everyone is incredibly challenging. We've spent countless hours onboarding vendors only to find that they apply to a small portion of our workforce. We love Nibble Health because it solves a universal problem and can be used across all groups of employees.
VP of Total Rewards, Tech Company
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Nibble promotes financial security

There's a reason why financial wellness has become a core goal of benefits selection. We now have the data to see that when employees feel financially insecure, they're more likely to underperform and look around for new jobs. Nibble helps promote financial wellness among our employees and allows them to accomplish their health goals without sacrificing their financial goals.
Chief People Officer, Manufacturing Company
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