Let us pay for your healthcare

You can pay us back over time with no interest and no fees.
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How to get started

Enroll at any time - download the app to receive your card

Activate your account in the app to receive your Nibble Card

Paying for healthcare is really hard

We provide an interest-free, 
fee-free line of credit to help

Nibble Health is a benefit your employer can offer

We enable you to seek healthcare without worrying about paying for it all at once.
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Employee benefit

We give you a card for healthcare expenses

When you swipe, we pay the healthcare provider for you and you pay us back in installments over time.

No interest. No fees. No credit checks

Free for you – we won't surprise you with hidden or overdue fees.

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Using the Nibble Card

Your healthcare bills in small bites
Nibble Card
Enrolling is simple - download the app to receive your Nibble Card
Increase Employee Retention

Get started in minutes

Activate your account within the Nibble Health app to receive your card
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Access funds instantly

Pay for care immediately with your card
Lower Corporate Healthcare Costs

Anytime, anywhere

Can be used wherever Visa is accepted, regardless of insurance network
Boost Benefits Utilization

Use across multiple bills

Can be used across different expenses and providers at the same time
split the bills

Pay old or new bills

Use it to split up any outstanding bills you’ve received but still haven’t paid
split the bills

Repay over time

Make repayments over time that works for you - 3, 6 or 12 months
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